Why such change ??

Has been weeks,months things are not going well for me
Is this my blue phase of my life???... i ask myself

I remember the days friends used to say

"Hey!! Let's meet & plan something"

Now are the days where they say
"Hey!! Let's plan & meet someday"

Rarely it is planned

Friends are the same but priorities change

Life sails like unmanned boat in the middle of ocean....


Harshita said...

Yeah. It is a phase and it will bring around a change too.

But there is nothing blue abt it... people get busy, things change... but YOU remain the same.

Why not fix it all on ur own and smile again ? :)

Sab theek ho jaayega

The Geekie said...

@ Harshita
thanks for not being Harsh(ita) on me :D

m smiling

m back :)

Anna said...

So so true. Anna :)

The Geekie said...

Thanks Anna :)

Illeen said...

it's such a sad reality that i admit sadly

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