Zoozoo madness

Its my 2nd post on Zoozoo.
Zoozoo..i love zoozoo

Zoozoo....sounds cute..isnt it??

But i am missing those Zoozoo Ads these days :(

So what.... koi nahi...hota hai....(m strong..i can make myself understand...a pat on my back :D)

Entered a lotsa zoozoo forums...collected zoozoo's different expressions
Here i share with you all friends
Check this out

Arey yaar click on image to get a big one...full screen...theatre view :D

Now try these expressions infront of mirror :D
Uske baad ek comment drop kardena...okay

Why such change ??

Has been weeks,months things are not going well for me
Is this my blue phase of my life???... i ask myself

I remember the days friends used to say

"Hey!! Let's meet & plan something"

Now are the days where they say
"Hey!! Let's plan & meet someday"

Rarely it is planned

Friends are the same but priorities change

Life sails like unmanned boat in the middle of ocean....

Monsoon jhamela

Sorry friends was bit busy .Not busy actually..Hmm yes was busy in house shifting and brother's betrothal ceremony....even internet was not connected ...so with no posts ... thoda kho gaya tha :P i m back ...welcome me :P

Some days back sun's energy was at its peak. The scorching heat was untolerable in most of cities.Farmers used to perform
yajnas to invite rain. They were worst sufferers due to crop damage caused by heat.

Why am I telling you about this????


Well friends, even the hot climate was unbearable for me.I too prayed for rain.
Ek din aaya, bhagwan Indra ne jawab de diya
Aila baarish
Monsoon aa gaya
Eureka eureka :D( me not Archimedes..but i was so happy it rained)

It was so much relief yaar kya bolun ....Thanda thanda cool cool ekdam

Lekin ye kya :x
Baarish chalta hi rehega kya?? :O

It has been a week I m sitting inside four four(haan... repeat kiya maine...phir se b karunga 4 4 ) walls.Bike wants maintenance when it rains.You can reach your destination but 50-50 chances are there to return to source point.Arey bike ka spark plug me paani ghuus jaata he!!
I havenot got a raincoat for me,nor a cover for my bike too :( Its time to get both)

Engineer to ban gaya par naukri mila nahi :(
Applied for lots of companies, but no replies from them. Corporate log he kya karen...Bhav khayenge!!

How will feel you if you get interview call at this point of time??
Exactly I too felt like that.
But I was prepared not to miss the opportunity(after all i have read lots of quotes on opportunity :D)
Baarish me chhaata lekar ,ek taxi pakad kar chala gaya :D
Formals+Rain+Resume file + umbrella...great combination isnt it??..Bingo :P

HR asked some technical questions which he was not aware of :D (seriously uska Bheja ghuma diya with tech jargons)
He was so dumb( wat shud i say more, **** ...rehne do).....He bargained with me for salary thts too 5k for lecturer post.
Anyways he told to call back for 2nd round.
So interview went well(i felt so ..he he )
(I used some asterisks on HR bcoz he didnt called me back that day)

It rained heavily while my return. Each taxi full and reserved. I was standing and waiting for taxi at the stop. In a moment one Renault crossed me at nearly 80kph ,splashing muddy waters on me. (abey oye teri *@#$.........chodon yahan bolke kuch fayda nahi...wahan to kuch ukhada nahi .. ) Gaya ..pura gaya..formal sab gaya.. :( . How did that driver got license,god knows..Perhaps he got his DL in some sunny day :P
Seriously it was like a dog teasing me...oye bina naukri ke engineer car me kab bethega
Dekha kitna bad times...see how nature laughs at me these days
Indra ko baarish maanga tha..nonstop monsoon nahin..kam se kam north jao kar ghum ke aao..
itna respect de ta hoon...fir bhi..

Anywazz my pals..how are you people enjoying monsoon??????

Take care :)