HE – Hey Hi
SHE- Hi buddy..

(HE went through WordWeb version 5.04 and found out d appropriate opposite term for buddy . HE is a geek after all :P )
Convo started again

HE – Hey babes.
SHE – buddy dont call me babe plzzzz
HE – aah…u dnt lik ?? :(
SHE – nothing like that ….babes z too much of western…u knw i m simple simple

HE-ok ok …how abt Lassie
SHE – whats that again??

HE – oye…u dont knw ?? :D …chk out dictionary babe..oopss …lass

SHE- lemme see

SHE- Thanks :)

HE – Mention not
SHE – How you doing ??
HE- well dhinchak dhinchak bindaas..u??
SHE- so

(1 min silence…this is the problem when u chat with same person everyday)

HE- hey nice display picture…is it you????
SHE – childhood photo…luks nice.. ryt??
HE- ofcourse babe…sorry again….lass…childhood photo of urs????

(SHe went silence again)

SHE – its my niece
HE – she luks sweet and cute
SHE – thanks
(silence once again…HE hates silence :x )
HE- hey transfer me the image file …i am making a ppt on sweet kids
SHE – cant do that now …i am on gmail
HE – ok ok fine
(HE was prepared not ask for same again…a bit of silence again)

SHE- can you come to yahoo?
HE- :) wait…

( HE logged in ychat and found her offline…may b she was in god mode…its d way a geek call to invisible mode :D )

SHE – Hi
HE – why do you always stay in god mode??
SHE – i am a girl ok
HE – ohh really…aahhkkkk :D
SHE- accept it
(HE accepted the file request)
HE- thanks lassie
SHE – she pretty ryt??
HE – hmm like you
(HE dint mean to flirt)
SHE-i asked abt my niece

HE – ha ha
(UPS beeps)
HE – shit shit…line cut
SHE – ok

HE- okkkkk :O
SHE – what else shud i say??

(computer shutdowns illegally….)

HE logged in later..and saw in the offline messages
You went offline???
Are u angry????
i am sorry if i hurt u….
Are u der??

HE rolled out in laughter that midnight…becoz SHE didnt knew that his UPS gives backup of only 20 secs….

But then HE smsed SHE a sweet Gudnight message


Illeen said...

aaha..sweet post..the characters seem familiar ;)

welcome to the blog world geekie

The Geekie said...

thank u illeen...u knw her??? :P

hav added some sugar in d story for taste :D

Sam said...

y am i being kept in the dark ?

whom does the geekie send a cute good night SMS ?

Is it ...... u know whom i am referring to ....

The Geekie said...


he he.... its again d deep inside me its a blog...i added some salt for taste :P

.. said...

uv gotta talent babez.. oops lasssiee lol

The Geekie said...


excuse me...i m the HE part...Geekie :D

thanks for the read :)

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